Round # 23 NGF competition at Maastricht International

Saterdaynight was a short night for my boss, because he needed to be at 09:00hrs at GC Maastricht International and summertime was introduced again that night, 1 hours less sleep. A teammate of my boss picked him up at 07:30hrs. After an hours+ drive in the rain, they were the first in the parkinglot but quickly followed by a second car containing other teamplayers. They decided to go in for a coffee and quickly the rest of the team members arrived at the table.

After coffee everyone got ready for the driving range. My honorable drivingranges colleagues were quickly smacked across the range as the first players already appeared at the first tee.

The greensome didn’t go as expected so my boss and his buddy return earlier as expected to the clubhouse. It was still raining after lunch so the boys had to gear up there wet raingear again, my boss was not happy. Just like this morning the first hole was a disasters and I got wet again. Hole 2 was also a mockery of the first order, so we setup for hole 3 with 2down.

Leaving Belgium 1 down

Leaving Belgium 1 down

The competitor of my boss smacked my mate pinhigh in a temporary waterhazard. Then my boss stepped up to the plate with a smooth swing my boss purposely slapped me to the right, with a slight draw helped by the enormous winds I landed 15cm next to the cup and spun back for 75cm. Despite of the short distance my boss missed the birdie, but he won the hole and the backlog was reduced to 1down. I was badly played on the next hole but the second stroke with a rock solid 5 iron got me a meter in front of the green. A nice 9 iron chip got me within a meter of the cup, a straight put for par and it was all square again. The next PAR 3 192m was a challenge with enormously strong winds coming in from right, I ended up far left of the green. A flop shot into the wind landed me on the fringe still leaving a gap of 4 meters to the cup. My mate was already in position for a short PAR put. My boss marked, picked me up and freshend my looks, read the green, lined me up and sends me without a doubt as a straight arrow over the correct route BAMMM in the cup. My mate missed the cup and the hole was for my boss. What a blast.

The game is on again this score stays and we eventually arrive at hole 10 with 2up. My boss changes his raincoat for a spare one in the hope to stay dry for the holes to come. A neat swing got me in the middle of the fairway, stroke two for 119 meters ended up in the greenside bunker because a rake pushed me in. A firm tap was the only option which resulted in loss of hole. The next hole I ended on the adjacent fairway a solid 6 iron over the trees got me were a wanted to be. I had a super straight ballflight and my boss was happy, on arrival the players thought I was already waiting at the green but it was not me. After a 5 minutes search my boss gave the hole. Ouch, all square. The next two hole grabbed my boss and we finally arrived at hole 16 with 2up.

Hole 16 (PAR 5) I got a lowflight into the wind, after three super tight straight low wooden three strokes I still was not on the green my mate had already more kicks in the head before he disappeared in the greenside bunker. Eventually a neat flop shot got me at three meters of the pin, two putstrokes and my boss bogeyed and won this hole for the game, three up two too go.

Hole 16, happy Boss 3up 2 left.

Hole 16, happy Boss 3up 2 left.

My first NGF win is a fact and after the congratulations I took a picture of my boss and his opponent, because they had a pleasant game they also finished the last two holes.

What a wet and windy first NGF-competition day. See you a in two weeks, cheers.

2 gedachtes aan “Round # 23 NGF competition at Maastricht International

  1. piet

    He Jeroen, prachtig resultaat onder zware condities op een open baan waar de wind 2 keer zo sterk is.
    Op naar ronde 2 letts kick some ass again.

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