NGF Competition at GC Welschap #30

My boss and his team played today at GC Welschap against GC Efteling. In the morning my boss and his teammate played very poor. They both played exactly the same, one played to the right the other one did the same. The rest of the morning was the same story, but eventually at 18 my boss plays me for the last approach of 105 meters into the wind to the last green, I was played too long into the bushes. His buddy plays a provisional ball and also this one is too long then the opponents play my friend and also he flies over the green but in the bunker.
As we arrive at the green I was found in the bushes. I was unplayable, a little discussion about where I should be dropped and a chip short flopshot just missed the green. The bunker shot of the opponents falls backĀ in the bunker so there is still hope

Hole 10 start middaysession

Hole 10 start middaysession

Then I was chipped by my boss within 1 meter of the cup. The opponents make a nice bunker shot. I miss the cup and therefore our opponent win with 1up.
After a very short lunch of barely a quarter of an hour we start the afternoon program. The first hole my boss played me tight along the trees and I touch just a branch but do not go out of bounds. As we go on this hole my boss wins and we go with 1up to start. We play up and down and at the end of the day my boss plays 3up. Finally we arrive at hole 18 and my boss is 1up, so lossing is not possible. With this in the back of his mind he kicks me in the right spot for 100 yards to the flag. His opponent hits my friend in the trees but he fell back to the fairway. It was all or nothing for his opponent and my friends ends up next to the green. My boss plays me on a perfect length but just next to the green. My friend was chipped to short. My boss chips me at 1 metre from the flag for 3 strokes. My friend got a chip for 4, he gets a right kick and rolls to the flag. My boss let me roll over the edge of the cup but I do not fall to the left and stop 10 cm behind the cup and my owner is given this put. His opponent puts this hole and they squared the hole and my boss WINS with 1up

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