#22 First monthcup of the year.

After being a covergirl for 19golf en genieten it’s time for serious business.

Covergirl :)

Covergirl 🙂

Today we had to report at the white tees a different look at our course. At my request, my boss left his driver at home, because we are not that good at the moment. We played with my buddy from Scotland and my cousin from heeze, despite of the cold and rainy wheater me and my boss had a fab time. His iron 8 and 9 were not that comfortable in my neck, I was more like a lowrider but straight at the pin. On hole 9 I got my boss a birdie opportunity and he made it. Whatever the score my boss was a happy fella his first official birdie of the year in the pocket.

First official Birdie of the year in da house

First official Birdie of the year in da house

On hole 11 the rain was too much for my boss and he got his raincoat, because his sweater was getting wetter and heavier. As it was getting wetter and colder my boss had trouble to hold on to his play. On hole 16 I didnt make it passed the ladies tee, uhhhh. At hole 17 we did better and finished it with a nice PAR. At the 18th tee, we had to wait for the flight in front of us, not good for the concentration. He kicked so me hard, if there was a award for flighing high I would won it by the way nice view at the clubhouse. The next challenge was finding me, because I was totally plugged in. After declaring me unplayableI, he dropped me and took his 3wood and said no guts no glory. My Scottish friend nodded his head and he went for it. Eventually I ended up next to a water hazard and with a beautiful flopshot I ended up next to the pin. With a straight put we saved this last hole with a bogey and called it a day.

At the 18th tee, almost home

At the 18th tee, almost home

Back in the clubhouse, the champagne was being served because there was a hole in one. After the standard congratulations and photos, we toasted. What a nice first Monthcup.

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